The Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bags of 2019


Camping in the cold is an entirely different beast. Even the most experienced campers need adequate protection from the cold. What you need is a really good lightweight 0 degree sleeping bag. They are a great choice during warmer weather too, provided you get the right one. There’s a lot of options out there for the best 0 degree sleeping bags, so I’ve put together my own list to help you make your decision.

Best All Around 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Vitals Summit 0 & 20 & 30 Degree F Ultralight Backpacking Mummy Down

If you are looking for an excellent lightweight sleeping bag that offers a lot of fill power and performance at a reasonable price then you should consider the Outdoor Vitals Summit. This backpacking sleeping bag is packed full with 800 fill power and offers a generous warmth to weight ratio. The down is wrapped in a baffled ultralight 20 denier ripstop shell to keep the bag light and minimize potential down loss over time.


The Outdoor Vitals Summit does extremely well in the 10-15 F

“I’ve used it three times above 11’000ft in the snow covered Rocky Mountains. It probably got to 10-15 F and I was nice and warm.”

Both the down and the shell fabric are coated with a special water-resistant coating for extra peace of mind if the weather starts to turn. You’ll always be warm and cozy and the rain and moisture won’t be an issue. Some of the down is packed by your feet to keep your toes warm, which is an area that some sleeping bags can be lacking in. The sleeping bag includes a free compression bag that makes it ultra lightweight. You can easily stick it in your camping bag, and it won’t take up too much space. Many reviewers who purchased this sleeping bag has confirmed that it remains warm in even the iciest of conditions.

One minor complaint that the bag received was that it was a little snug. The small size may be a little too small and the large size might not be big enough. Double check the measurements of the bag before making a purchase and consider getting the next size up from the one you think you need. Other than that this is a solid choice that offers great all-around warmth, performance, durability, and protection against the elements. The lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer is really valuable addition too.

Overall, this bag offers incredible value for money. Many customers have noted that it offered them greater warmth and comfort than other bags which are priced higher. This is a premium 0 degree sleeping bag that is priced at a fantastic rate. If you are looking for the best 0 degree sleeping bad, then this is one you should go for.

Best for Lightweight Warmth Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Orno 0 Ultralight Down Mummy 

Our first bag was lightweight, but the next one our list is even lighter. If you want to stay warm but don’t want a bulky sleeping bag, then you need an ultralight option like the Big Agnes Orno 0.

This ultralight sleeping bag has 850-fill-power water-repellent down but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’ll weigh more. The streamlined shape of the mummy design and the minimal zipper mean this is one that stays on the lighter end. It comes with a handy stuff sack that makes this a great choice for backpacking too. Just cram it into your bag and you are good to go. If you are fond of the ultralight backpacking mentality like I am, then this is a bag that is incredibly suitable. It takes up very little space, which gives you more room for the essentials.


The most expensive of the lot. But also the lightest.

It comes equipped with a draft collar to prevent cold air from reaching your face while a drawstring cord built into the hood can be easily adjusted with one hand for additional comfort. If you’re looking for some extra insulation then you can attach a sleeping bag liner to the hooks on the inside of the bag or put something warm in the ergonomic footlocker to get an extra touch of warmth.

Overall, this is the perfect lightweight sleeping bag to suit those who want something that is ultralight. Coupled this with a thermal sleeping bag liner will ensure your good night sleep.

Best For Versatility

Sea to Summit Ascent ASCII

Sometimes, you just need a sleeping bag that has it all. I can personally remember times when a sleeping bag felt rather limited to me. If you want to get the most out of your sleeping bag, then you will need something versatile. It doesn’t get much more versatile than the Sea to Summit Ascent ASCII with enough zippers for a lot of different configurations.


This is one 0 degree sleeping bag that will give you the option to zip it together with another bag for extra space – or you can unzip the bag entirely and use it like a toasty winter quilt. Of course, it also works perfectly as a sleeping bag. If you feel the need for more ventilation, just unzip the top layer.

All of these uses make it excellent for many purposes. It means that you don’t have to spend money buying multiple sleeping bags, and it gives you something that you can rely on. The rectangular design of this lightweight 0 degree sleeping bag makes it one of the best sleeping bags for side sleepers.

Price wise, you get what you pay for. For its versatility, I think it’s well worth the money and this is easily best for a 0 degree sleeping bag at around $400. Check the best price here.

The sleeping bag is designed to stay insulated and warm with the vertical baffles on the torso. They keep the warmth in and stop cold air from getting in and making cold spots. Enjoy the extra comfort that the design brings and sleep in peace and warmth no matter where you go camping.

As an experienced camper myself, I can tell you that versatility is key for all camping and hiking equipment. It is always ideal to get the best use from all the items you take with you, and this sleeping bag provides exactly that.

If you are looking for a versatile sleeping bag that is also excellent value for money, this is one that you simply cannot pass up.

Best For Value

Ledge Sports Featherlite 

I am well aware that there can be many expenses involved in camping and other outdoor activities such as hiking. One of the problems with getting the best 0 degree sleeping bag is that they can be expensive. However, this is for good reason since they are made from sturdy materials and are expensive to produce because of it.  High quality materials do equal a high-end price range. However, there are still some excellent sleeping bags that won’t break your budget

Ledge Sports Featherlite

Ledge Sports Featherlite – The budget option for 0 degree sleeping bag

If you are looking for good value for money then you should consider the Ledge Sports Featherlite. This mummy sleeping bag has a relaxed fit that offers a balance between staying warm and being comfortable while still having a little freedom of movement during sleep. This is one bag that will ensure you stay warm all throughout the night when backpacking and camping.

Given the relative low cost of the sleeping bag some corners had to be cut somewhere. For the Featherlite, this came in the weight department. It’s a little bulkier than some other choices. If you are worried about the weight of your sleeping bag then you might want to choose one of the more lightweight options. It’s surprisingly bulky for something that claims to be “lightweight”. It is, but it’s by no means “ultra-light” which is what some people will be looking for.  Many customers have been shocked at how low this is priced when you consider that it is under $100. They have also noted how good it was for every season which makes it flexible. You can definitely get a lot of use from this sleeping bag, and it will last you a long time.

Overall, if you are a little concerned about the price of sleeping bags, but you still require something reliable, then we highly recommend purchasing the Ledge Sports Featherlite. It will help you get the most for your money.

Best For Women

Marmot Ouray

Sometimes gender can play a role in the ideal sleeping bag. To say that this is the best choice for women is by no means an expression of what women “can” or “can’t” do. The fact is that women tend to run colder than men. Sleeping bags that have too much room will only make this problem worse. That’s why the Marmot Ouray 0 has been anatomically designed to fit a woman’s body. It offers some extra space in the hips and has narrower shoulders. It’s got more insulation in the areas that are more prone to lose heat too, giving you a great all-round solution for the female camper.


Marmot Ourday – the ideal choice for women

A combination of an insulated hood and a down-filled collar is there to keep heads warm and cozy, while the footbox is there to keep your toes warm. It’s got plenty of wiggle room though so don’t worry about your feet being packed in too tight. If the sleeping bag proves too warm for any reason, then you can open up the top layer a bit to get some extra ventilation and stay cool. There are many reviews in which people express how impressed they were by the comfort and pure luxury. This is a sleeping bag that will allow you to forget about your surroundings and focus on getting some sleep.

Overall, this is an excellent sleeping bag that is well tailored for a woman. It has everything you need to get an enjoyable night of rest. The specific optimizations work well for women who may have found other sleeping bags uncomfortable for them.

The Wrap Up

A good night’s rest should not be overlooked for any kind of outdoor activity. It sets the tone for the entire journey, and from experience, I can tell you that the choice of sleeping bag is very important. If you are planning to camp in 0 degree weather, it’s even more crucial.

If I have to personally the best 0 degree sleeping bag that suits my needs and budget, it would be the Sea to Summit Ascent. It’s extremely comfortable and easily adjustable to your situation. Sometimes, that what matters the most. For most people though, the Outdoor Vitals Summit 0 will be the balanced choice in terms of functionality and price.